Sleeping Giants

Many people may feel like they have gone into some sort of sleep mode or hibernation over the past year due having their lives curtailed to one degree or another thanks to the pandemic. For months, my productivity in the studio was zilch due to the stress, anxiety and sheer shock at what was happening. But in recent months, I’ve found myself in the studio almost every day, in my own little world where everything else is secondary.

Still painting seated on the floot. I just can’t wrap my head around using an easel. 😮

Speaking of sleep or hibernation, my most recent paintings are titled “Sleeping Giants.” The paintings came about because a collector started talking about a finger painting he wanted based on time he had spent in Silverton, Colorado. So I went online and found an image of the San Juan mountains near Silverton, fell in love with a photo I found, and did these paintings (the commission is on hold for now). I couldn’t come up with a title, so I posted on Instagram asking if anybody had any ideas, and my friend and talented singer Elleven suggested “Sleeping Giants.” I think it fits these paintings perfectly because the white shapes look like giants in the mountains. Or perhaps the mountains, themselves, are the giants. 😊

Sleeping Giants
Sleeping Giants no. 2
20 x 20 x 1

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and sane. Naomi

Artist. And other stuff.

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4 comments on “Sleeping Giants
  1. Lani says:

    I lived in SW Colorado for about six years so I’m familiar with the San Juan mountains. ❤ it.


    • Oh, cool! Where did you live? We’re thinking of heading out to Colorado for part of the summer if we can find somewhere to rent a decent place.

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      • Lani says:

        I lived in Durango because I went to Fort Lewis College. Then after I graduated I moved to Cortez to work on the Ute Mt Ute Reservation. (Incidentally, the Sleeping Ute is a mountain you might want to paint!)

        Then I moved back to Durango for work. I really love that area. It’s unbelievably stunning. Taos, NM is also quite lovely.

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      • We’ll have to look into Durango-we took the Durango-Silverton railroad years ago, but we barely remember either town. Thanks for the info. as well as the recommendation on a mountain to paint. 🙂

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