Refuge from the cold.

I’m sure many of you can relate when I say I’m kind of been there done that with cold weather. We have much to be grateful for- all we’ve had to worry about was a dead car battery and one semi-frozen house in the pipe that we easily thawed after running the water for a few minutes. I absolutely love winter and I act like a five year old in the snow, but this has been a bit much!

I love the shadows cast by the sun on a beautiful blanket of snow.

Luckily, I can retreat to my studio with the Christmas lights, the basil plants, and my cozy rug and the outside world pretty much disappears.

Can you tell how much I love Ikea? 😏

How is everybody else coping with this crazy winter?

Hope you are all doing well. Stay warm, stay safe and stay sane. Naomi

Artist. And other stuff.

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One comment on “Refuge from the cold.
  1. Lani says:

    Thanks for the little window into your world. 🙂

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