Has it really been over a year???!!!

OMG, I had no idea it had been over a year since my last post! I’ll just blame it on the pandemic and/or politics, just like everything else. Lol

So no surprise I’ve continued to paint, what else, but mountains. I’ve spent the last year refining my technique. These paintings may look simple, but just interpreting a 3D photo into a 2D painting that still looks like a 3D mountain is tricky. And it’s taken hours and hours of painting to figure out which brushes work the best and then get the hang of creating both very sharp lines as well as a painting that’s as smooth as possible. And I’m still learning with every session in the studio. Which is good because otherwise what would be the point, right?

So here is one of my favorites from 2020, a commission for a good friend. He is one of the best lute players/experts in St. Louis (if not in the country), so I told him I’d like to see the painting titled with something related to music. He gave me a few suggestions and I chose “Stretto.” If you don’t know what stretto means (I didn’t), click here.

I based “Stretto” on a photo of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. I chose the photo, not having realized there is actually a lower mountain range in front of the other one. That took some finagling on my part. I hope you can see a little bit of the lower range in the front.

So again, my apologies for being such a slacker and I promise to post on a more regular basis! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and sane!


Stretto (2020)
Dimensions:  60″x12″x1″
“Stretto” happily hanging in his new home.

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3 comments on “Has it really been over a year???!!!
  1. Lani says:

    Cool. Looks great! ❤ And yes, what a year it's been! Glad you're well and focusing on what matters, your art!


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