Back to sanity. For a while, at least. :)


The world has felt incredibly weird lately (energetically sensitive people out there will get this!), and sometimes painting is about the only thing that allows my mind and body to calm down. So grateful I have this little way to escape, ground, move some energy in my body, do something that comes so naturally, and feel just a little bit in control of life. Even if just for a little while. 🙂

Artist. And other stuff.

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3 comments on “Back to sanity. For a while, at least. :)
  1. Gia says:

    Hi Naomi, beautiful art…I haven’t gone through a lot of it yet but what I’ve seen so far… has good energies. Speaking about, I simply wanted to comment on this post because I completely agree with the “weird energies” at the moment. I haven’t tried getting my art material out to calm me down – that may be the way to cope with it.
    I (too) love painting with my fingers. Usually doesn’t look as elegant and refined but it feels good 🙂 and for me, that is more important. The process is what counts…well the product in the end is not unimportant, but not all.
    I’ll have to check out more of your art and see what can be done with fingerpainting. I always feel so clumsy.


    • Sorry, but I just found this comment! Argh! So sorry! Hope things are better for you energetically? It’s taking a lot of self-awareness, but I am finally learning to not let the energies run me in circles. I think. 😉


    • PS-Thanks for the compliments on my work & don’t worry about feeling clumsy. Just let it rip and see what happens. Even if it’s a disaster, it may feel good just to do some art. Trust me, you won’t see everything I paint!


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