Tree (2015)

I’m experimenting with painting. Time to break out of my comfort zone & see what I’m capable of. It’s a little scary but necessary at this point. It takes confidence for a creative person to try something new because it often falls short of what we have in mind. But we have to stop from judging our work, so we don’t give up. So expected to see the unexpected in the next while. Enjoy!

PS-This painting was inspired by a beautiful photo on another blog, so thanks to you incredible photographers out there who have given me the nudge to move my work forward into the unknown.



My abstract paintings are created through the spontaneous application of paint with my fingers. This technique has enabled me to create a variety of textures and designs that I cannot achieve with a brush. Although I have spent most of my art career as a finger painting artist, I also use a very fine brush to create surreal landscapes. While these landscapes retain the dreamy feel of my abstracts, they incorporate more realistic details such as grass and flowers. The colors in my work are saturated, yet you'll find subtle variations in the hues. My paintings are not only known for their vibrant and profound colors, but also for their textures. People often report feeling both energized and calm while looking at my work. About the artist Naomi’s art has been seen in numerous venues in St. Louis since she began painting in 2009. Her work has also been shown in Lexington, Kentucky, Boston, Massachusetts, and Lyon, France. Naomi’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout United States and Europe. Naomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Russian Areas Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has never received formal training as an artist, but she can trace her somewhat twisted path from ESL teacher, to political consultant, to website creator (just to name a few) to artist. Naomi is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, where she lives with her husband.

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6 comments on “Tree (2015)
  1. Naomi its beautiful, I love that you are pushing those boundaries, keep going its all about the journey.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Kath. I’m sure you can totally relate to the fear factor in the creative process. I really think I’ve limited myself due to both fear of failure, but for whatever reason something has shifted and I feel more driven that fearful. How cool is that! Hope you’re staying cool in your neck of the woods-sending you some snow from St. Louis!


  3. Naomi, I’m your forever fan! Wow, what creativity! And thank you for stopping by and I’m glad I’ve such a creative person as part of my blog world 🙂 And what you said in the post is so true – breaking out of comfort zone!! I’m being made to do just that with my blog – never thought I’d be writing! Much Love 💞


    • Thanks so much! What I love about how you write is you don’t take yourself so darn seriously as many “spiritual” people do. I think I’m breaking out of my comfort zone pretty much on an hourly basis at this point! LOL Thanks so much for connecting with me!

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      • Thanks for the lovely words, Naomi! One can always do with some encouragement 😉 I was getting inner promptings to write since quite a while but I guess I had to wait until I had “re” connected with my inner child which is bringing out more “fun” in my style. You might enjoy the post “Toys” which talks about, in a funny way, various spiritual tools that has helped me and “Who’s he” which I’m sure “puts me out” as a crazy person 😉 And yes, keep breaking the barriers – we are here to do just that. Take care! ❤


  4. Yup, always great to find someone to relate to. Helps out with the isolation. 🙂 Will take a gander at your other posts.


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