Short and Sweet (2014)


12×12 painting in acrylic

We’ve been doing a fair amount of hiking lately, taking advantage of the roller coaster weather we’re having in St. Louis this winter. It’s been repeatedly going from 15-50 Farenheit within a day or two (very strange for us), but luckily the highs have been hitting on the weekends when we can go hiking about 20 minutes from home. Every time we’re out hiking, I find myself looking at tree lines. Although the trees are barren this time of year, I like the regularity with which they dot the horizon. So this painting is my first shot at trees. I personally think they look more like bushes, but I like the outcome and creating the branches with a very fine brush reminded me of doodles I’ve done.
I also shot some pics of trees on my walks this past autumn. I’m going to take a look back at these and see if they inspire me to do some paintings of trees in yellows and reds. Who knows where inspiration will lead me?



My abstract paintings are created through the spontaneous application of paint with my fingers. This technique has enabled me to create a variety of textures and designs that I cannot achieve with a brush. Although I have spent most of my art career as a finger painting artist, I also use a very fine brush to create surreal landscapes. While these landscapes retain the dreamy feel of my abstracts, they incorporate more realistic details such as grass and flowers. The colors in my work are saturated, yet you'll find subtle variations in the hues. My paintings are not only known for their vibrant and profound colors, but also for their textures. People often report feeling both energized and calm while looking at my work. About the artist Naomi’s art has been seen in numerous venues in St. Louis since she began painting in 2009. Her work has also been shown in Lexington, Kentucky, Boston, Massachusetts, and Lyon, France. Naomi’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout United States and Europe. Naomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Russian Areas Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has never received formal training as an artist, but she can trace her somewhat twisted path from ESL teacher, to political consultant, to website creator (just to name a few) to artist. Naomi is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, where she lives with her husband.

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4 comments on “Short and Sweet (2014)
  1. But you used a brush for the branches, right?
    I’ve looked at a few of these, and you’ve succeeeded in doing something that neither I nor my dad have managed to do, which is to overcome the “raw” quality of acrylics. I just gave up on the damned things, and my dad just confined himself to using them as transparent watercolours.
    Good work … nicely abstract.


    • Yes, I’ve fallen in love with a very fine, long little brush (the antithesis to using one’s fingers!) which I use for grass, flowers, and trees. What do you mean by the “raw quality” of acrylics? I honestly have no clue at all what I’m doing. Thanks for the compliments. 🙂


  2. Ok, well I mix most of my colors on the canvas. Except in this painting, the colors I used for the trees are right out of the bottle. 🙂


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